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BMS alpha CR

BMS alpha CR

The alpha CR is the latest top product by BMS. Technically splendid and powerful. It complies
with the latest EU emission regulation EU Stage V, that will be mandatory from 2020 on.
The machine is equipped with a 44,5 kW DEUTZ-engine and a high-performance compressor.
With its 2,2 litres displacement, the DEUTZ-diesel-engine has a high torque. On the construction site, the alpha CR may be operated in Eco- or Powerbull-mode– depending on requirements.
In Eco-mode the alpha CR is particularly quiet, very ecological and fuel-efficient. If more power is required the Powerbull-mode may be activated at the push of a button. In that case the air pressure
performance mounts up to 6 m³/min. Due to the higher air pressure performance the alpha CR then disposes of more power than a 4-cylinder-machine. Of course, the alpha CR is equipped with our
tried and tested BMS-cooling system. It is indispensable for the rough use on construction sites in all weather conditions.

In addition to the standard model the machine is also available with the models feeder or feeder/ scraper.

Technical facts:
Powerful 3-cylinder Deutz Diesel engine 44,5kW at 2600 turns/min
Oil-cooled BMS screw compressor; air pressure performance up to 6 m³/min.
Two hydraulic fans, with BMS cooling system
Max. conveyance pressure 8,5 bar
Conveying distance: 200 m Conveyor height: 30 floors

  • All data is based on experience and is dependent on the material used.
    More power in the Powerbull-Mode
    Adjustable regulation of mixing time
    Safety shutdown at the dome sieve
    Automatic 2 bar shutdown
    Easy belt replacement at the mixer
    Safety shutdown at the dome sieve
    Automatic 2-bar shutdown
    Easy belt replacement at the mixer
    Mixing vessel from in-house manufacturing
    Stable and long-lasting stainless steel hood
    Highly rust resistant EPD-coated frame
    Refuelling made easy, tank filler neck on the outside
    Stable fenders suited for deposal
    Lockable toolbox
    Integrated working light
    Height adjusting coupling device
    Sturdy chassis with mechanical overrun brakes
    and central height adjustment
  BMS alpha Z3 STYROPOR 650

Sound power level according to guideline 2000/14/EG
High-strength wear plates

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