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BMS alpha E63

BMS alpha E63

Alpha E63 has been developed particularly for the use on construction sites with conv entional electricity supply. With its frequency regulated three-phase current engine the alpha E63 can be connected to every power distribution provided on construction sites. Operational safety is guaranteed at all times. Performance may be adjusted from 50 to 63 Ampere on site. The 30 kW variable frequency engine lends alpha E63 all its power without producing exhaust pollution or CO2 emissions. Moreover, noise development is reduced significantly.
In countries with sufficient power supply on construction sites, such as Switzerland for example, the machine functions as well on 63 Ampere construction site power without frequency converter by only using a conventional star-delta switch.

In addition to the standard version, the machine is also available with feeder or feeder/scraper.

Technical facts:
30 kW electric engine – adjustable between 50 – 63 Ampere
Oil-cooled BMS screw compressor; air power of over 4,5 m3/min.
No CO2 emission, reduced noise development
Conveying distance*: 180 m

  • All data is based on experience and is dependent on the material used.
    Safety shutdown at the dome sieve
    Automatic 2-bar shutdown
    Easy belt replacement at the mixer
    Mixing vessel from in-house manufacturing
    Stable and long-lasting stainless steel hood
    Highly rust resistant EPD-coated frame
    Stable fenders suited for deposal
    Lockable toolbox
    Integrated working light
    Height adjusting coupling device
    Sturdy chassis with mechanical overrun brakes and central height adjustment
    1,9 t or 2,5 t axle as standard equipment
    High-strength wear plates
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