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Estrich Boy FHS 200/3

Estrich Boy FHS 200/3

The tried-and-tested liquid screed pump Estrich Boy FHS 200/3 was designed to satisfy the highest customer and construction site requirements. The Estrich Boy FHS is intended for the delivery of liquid screed and can be fed easily and directly by a truck mixer.

The output varies depending on the type of auger pump installed. The 7515 up to a maximum grain size of 8 mm conveys up to 15m3/h. With the 2L8 auger pump (up to 12 mm grain size) speeds of up to 18m3/h can be reached.

The pump is driven by a powerful 3-cylinder motor which is noticeable particularly for challenging pump heights and conveying distances. The Estrich Boy FHS is very well equipped and sets standards in terms of user friendliness and long life.

Technical data
(FHS 200)
model FHS 200
version worm pump 7515
output 15m³/h
engine 3 Zylinder Deutz , 32,8 kW
chassis With brake, 80 km/h bis 100 km/h (optional)
weight 960kg
length 4200mm
width 1300mm
height 1280mm
filling height 1000mm
article number H872100000

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